In accordance with the communiqué on products that come into contact with food, with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs G34-7882, they are packaging types that address different areas of the food industry with different raw material contents.

These are bags produced for instant use of consumers in the ready-to-use food sector, to show the necessary health and hygiene sensitivity.

It is a type of bag produced especially for the dry food industry with various weight options from 100 grams to 5 kg.

It is a type of bag that is seasonally needed, strengthened according to the weight to be carried, and produced specifically for fruits and vegetables.

It is a type of leak-proof bag that is produced with different size options and is resistant to bone tearing.

It is a type of bag produced for the purpose of keeping the ice creams clean and safe.

It is a type of bag produced to provide ice in a practical, fast and hygienic way.

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