Disposable Barber Apron

The disposable hairdresser’s pen is produced by Eprati Plastik. The disposable hairdresser penuar we have produced in our own facilities has distinctive features from other disposable hairdresser penuarts. Disposable hairdressing apron produced from original raw material is more hygienic and odorless than disposable hairdressing aprons produced from recycled raw material. In addition, the disposable barber apron specially formulated by our company; does not hold hair, glides over hairs, does not electrify. The dimensions of our disposable barber apron are produced by determining the most suitable usage dimensions. It is produced in 120×140 cm dimensions to be wider and longer than other disposable hairdresser penuars. Disposable hairdresser apron, specially designed for the purpose of wrapping the neck like fabric hairdresser penguin, has been specially designed and produced as a disposable hairdresser penus with a neck tie.
It measures 120×140 cm.

There are 50 pieces in 1 package.

Our product is transparent, robust, hygienic and disposable due to its single use.

Note: Our product is plastic bag.


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