About Us

Eprati Plastics Inc., which has started its activities in 2000, has continued to grow day by day by following the developing technology and innovations closely. Currently, it continues its production in its factory in Beylikdüzü Organized Industrial Zone with its highly qualified team with sectoral knowledge and equipment. With its quarter-century of production and sales experience, it provides standard and alternative packaging solutions to its customers in both domestic and international markets and serves with the principle of honest trade. Thousands of institutions and organizations in different sectors and sizes prefer Eprati Plastics because of the importance they give to steadiness and quality.


To continue to contribute to the country’s economy and employment by closely following the developing technology in our country and in the world, increasing our current production capacity and export potential; to represent our industry in national and international platforms and markets.


To continue our activities as a company that aims to have an honest and ethical business approach, and to contribute to the spread of trade with these principles in our country and in the world.